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This is Intelligent Influence©

Chris Pearce's elevator pitch - from the ground up!

We're here to guide brand owners through the chaos of today's consumer and business environments, by understanding and identifying the myriad influences that affect all decision making.  

At the heart of our Intelligent Influence approach is a desire to actively influence not only how people feel and behave, but critically, how they spend and think.

We have created a six phase ‘Influence Loop’ that helps frame our thinking. We start with ‘Behavioural Understanding’ which is underpinned by a suite of bespoke planning tools.  This is followed by ‘Real World User Journeys’, which leads to the ‘Create’ and ‘Distribution and Destination’ phases.  The final two phases are the critical ‘Effectiveness’ and ‘Adapt and Learn’.

Influence Loop Diagram

Of course, we are merely scratching the surface here and every brand owner’s challenge will vary.

To find out more about how Intelligent Influence can get under the skin of your particular brand challenge please get in touch with me

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"The most creative and effective way to actively influence behaviour"

Chris Pearce, Joint CEO